Mice On Stilts

Photos by Mark Derricutt

Photos by Mark Derricutt

By Mark Derricutt

Artist: Mice On Stilts

Date / Venue: Friday October 7th, 2016 - Kings Arms, Auckland

Back in May I had the pleasure of sitting down Ben Morley of Mice on Stilts following the release of "Hope For A Mourning",

I wrote how the business of life delayed the publication of the interview longer than I hoped, but with the album release gig finally happening some 5 months later at Auckland's Kings Arms tavern - I think we can all agree that good things take time.

Opening the show was Cowboy Dan and Toledo Springs, this was the first time hearing both acts and I found I enjoyed the showgazey dreaminess of Toledo Springs more, but both were equally enjoyable sets and worth seeing again.

Soon enough tho it was time for the Kings Arm's stage to become incredibly cramped with 7 piece Mice on Stilts, with an additional guest member somehow all fitting snug, but still with room to move... and this is where my review starts to fall apart.

Back when I interviewed Ben, I was clearly enamoured with the album and with Ben's haunting voice - 5 months on and 'Hope for a Mourning' still ranks highly in my 'album of the year' list both for New Zealand and international artists - and within minutes I was reminded why.... as I was saying - this is where this commentary falls apart. I found myself lost in both the music and the lense, if you were there I'm sure you'll understand what I mean, and if not - well, I'm afraid you missed out and will just have to enjoy the photos, and the album.