Sleeping With Sirens

By Stella Gardiner

Artist: Sleeping With Sirens

Date / Venue: Wednesday September 16th, 2015 - The Powerstation, Auckland

Sleeping with Sirens played their one and only New Zealand show at Auckland's Powerstation on Wednesday night, heading way down under on the back of their Madness album release and world tour. I'd read about singer Kellin Quinn's legendary vocal range but was keen to hear it for myself, and even better, hear it live.

It was a warm-ish spring night; not quite warm enough to leave your jacket at home, but definitely warm enough to entice going out and about on a school night, and a hump day one at that. I was expecting to feel pretty old and with good reason it turns out - I think the entire teenage population of Auckland had come to see SWS play. In all fairness the crowd was made up of just as sweaty air-guitaring blokes. I frantically looked around for someone my own age, anyone, and LO! Spotted a couple. I'm guessing they were parents.

It was almost too much for the young ladies in the front. As the lights dimmed screams echoed throughout the venue... the kids were pressed tight up against the pit barrier as SWS took the stage.

The band started things off with 'Kick Me'; the lead single from their latest album Madness, quickly followed by 'Do It Now Remember It Later'. The crowd cheered hard when 'Fly' started. Hands in the air with everyone joining in singing the song. It was now time for a few acoustic numbers, beginning with 'Gold'. "This one is all about friends". Clap-tastic response from everyone. All members of the band had a great rapport with the audience.

Lots of screams during 'Strays', I think was the best example of Quinn's vocal range. And a few overtones of Michael Jackson... "New Zealand you are amazing... Thank you so much...We love you".

The guitarist had a bra on his mic. Yes, a bra "for support" lol. Then we're onto 'Roger Rabbit' with arms waving in the air side to side. An acoustic Goo Goo Dolls cover specially "for all the girls out there" called'Iris'. I actually recognised it! Then back to loud noisy rock song 'Parasites'. Sea of phones. More screams, more singing from crowd. Platforms in each side of the stage for the guitarists to jump on and show off!

"Holy shit I've ripped my jeans right open" exclaimed Kelli. Guitar picks were being thrown to the crowd faster than you could say teenage-wet-dream during 'Better Off Dead' which has just had a video released.

Sleeping With Sirens left the stage after 'Don't Say Anything', but succumbed to the cries from the punters to return for an encore of two more songs before bidding farewell with vague notions of returning one day... I seriously don't think the screaming and cheering from the crowd actually stopped at one point during the entire show.

I actually thought they were pretty tight for a group of their age and genre. Everyone had a great time. Fun atmosphere positive vibes- good wholesome indie rock gig... and I made it home before midnight!