Joe Mande

By Anya Whitlock

Artist: Joe Mande

Date / Venue: Friday September 11th, 2015 - The Tuning Fork, Auckland

Joe Mande is a pint sized comedian with a big personality. Based in LA and recently married to a lovely charity worker who we later found out doesn't like getting photos of his morning wood at work. He has written for Comedy Central shows and the last 3 seasons of Parks and Recreation.

Joe is very clever at taking awkward everyday situations and drawing out hilarious threads that resonate with a wide audience. He definitely pushes the envelope but gets away with saying what could easily be perceived as depraved and sick by coming across as just such a nice guy.

From suggesting that he would make excellence comic relief half way through Isis videos to sharing explosive irritable bowel diarrhoea experiences at summer camp, his charming astute observations made for a good show. He's the kind of comedian that draws people out of their shells and unites with laughter rather than having them disappear behind their martinis.

The warm up act Rhys Matthewson deserves a special mention too. His drunk-haka-forget the words-sweet as-just read it off the McDonald's menu sign was the highlight of the night for me.