Local rapper Arcee is releasing her debut album 'The Arcee LP' onFriday August 14th.

The album includes the track 'Rebound', which she received a $10,000 grant from NZ On Air to record.

NZ rap royalty Scribe said about her "In a genre dominated by males this is one female voice keeping a lot of them on their toes right now. Whether boom bap hiphop or Electro rap Arcee musically is a breath of fresh air, her songs and conscious subject matter have a maturity beyond her years. Add that to her quick wit, delivery and ability to cold rock a party, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her potential is limitless and I believe she is one of the leading lights of the new school era. The Future of NZ hiphop is here."

We fired a few questions at Arcee ahead of the album release.

When did you first start performing?

I moved down to Dunedin from Wellington in 2012 and decided to hit the stage. Wasn't a hard decision to start rapping. I still stand by "don't shut down an idea if you don't have a better one". So I couldn't insult certain raps if i couldn't do it better myself ...

Who were your early influences?

My first CD was D12 and 10 years on they're still my number one! Even though I don't perform any sort of horror core it's the lyrical, comedic aspect of the group I respect and admire!

Where are you based & do you have any overseas aspirations?

I'm in my final year at Otago and the next move is up to Auckland. Hoping to spend some time back in my birthplace Manchester in a few years! Definitely love UK hiphop but moving to NZ when I was 12 meant I'm a kiwi at heart.

You received a NZ On Air grant for your single ‘Rebound'. How has that changed your career?

It was a big high five for me! All you really want in hip hop is respect, and especially as a female, getting $10,000 was a big sign that i'm contributing to the NZ music scene!

Scribe gave you a fantastic endorsement with that quote. Have you met Scribe?

Back in 2012, I entered the Scribe With Us competition and getting into the Top6 in NZ meant a performance alongside Scribe and Ladi6. This is my rap battle with them :)

Your debut album ‘The Arcee LP' is out next week. Where did you record it?

I recorded it over a year, travelling up to Auckland to work with DJ Daz (Flava).

How long did the whole process take?

Releasing an album takes a long time. From the tracklist to the artwork you want to make sure your going to leave an impression. Especially as an debut album, you don't want to rush your introduction to New Zealand.

Do you have any shows or a tour in the plans?

Im doing an album release show In my three sub-homes (Dunedin, Wellington, Manchester). Heading towards a sell out for the Dunedin leg!

How hard is it being a female in a very male dominated genre? Do you come across much prejudice?

It's got its up and downsides, like everything. a lot of the time boy's get threatened, or don't want to be associated with the image of female rap, but it doesnt phase me. I respect lyrical skill and stage presence over anything physical about a person.

The Arcee LP is available from August 15th via iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud.

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