By Clare McCabe 

Artist: Hellyeah

Date / Venue: Thursday August 20th, 2015 - The Studio, Auckland

What a treat for a dark Thursday night out - our boys from Hellyeah are in the country and they are waiting for us at the StudioVinnie and Chad have both been happy to share their Auckland explorations over the last few days on social media - thanks boys, always a pleasure to see our lovely city being enjoyed by our overseas guests.

A great crowd awaits us upon arrival and we are greeted with Just One Fix with their own brand of heavy metal. Riccardo prowls around the stage, hair flies and guitars are pounded. Somehow I have never managed to catch these guys live before, but I will certainly look out for them again. Good stuff.

Then Hellyeah are on stage. And straight into Soul Killer. "You guys ready to get down with Hellyeah?!", screams Chad. Oh yes. Yes we are.

Chad is bouncing off the walls (literally) as they swing into my favorite tune Sangre Por Sangre (Blood for Blood). Kyle's dreadlocks are everywhere as he slams out the bassline. Christian and Tom anchor both sides of the stage on guitar and out back is our boy Vinnie, hammering those drums as only he can.

Seldom am I lost for descriptive words when I write about a band but this stage is moving and they are busy...

Tbh this must seem like a small crowd to these guys but they are playing as if it is a stadium audience. I don't think they care as long as everyone is INTO it. These guys are super tight together. Could you get any more energetic Chad? I think not.

Now Chad loves to chat and in between songs is super keen to get out a few rants (heavy metal and living in the present are a few of his fave topics). But it is the songs we want to hear and they are coming thick and fast.

We get Moth of course (the lighters are out for this one). They speed up and Chad screams out a rousing rendition of Say When and then brings the tone down again for Hush. Ooh and then we're off again with Drink Drank Drunk - come on guys, you all know the words to this one...

Now as we all know it was Dimebag's birthday yesterday (RIP my friend) Vinnie does a little tribute to his brother (he will live on forever in the music) and leads the crowd in a Dime-Bag chant. Love it Vinnie - thanks for sharing.

And somehow the energy is still coming and they bang out Cowboy and You Wouldn't Know. And a stunning version of Hell Yeah to round off the evening. Then its time for the famous crowd shot (check out Chad's Instagram and see if you can find yourself in the crowd).

I cannot stress enough how good these guys are live. If you get a chance to grab a ticket and head on for a singalong please do. Chad, Vinnie and the guys will treat you to a blinding night out. Enjoy the rest of your tour brothers.