Gin Wigmore

By Paul Willyams

Artist: Gin Wigmore

Date / Venue: Saturday July 4th, 2015 - The Bedford, Christchurch

Gin Wigmore satisfied several hundred fans at a sold-out performance in Christchurch on Saturday night, with a range of tunes from the early Hey Ho through to some stand-out tracks from Blood to Bone, her new album.

From that she chose to play New Rush, Nothing to No One, Written in the Water, 24 and finished with a heart-felt I Will Love You. We didn't hear some of her new Kate Bush-like fragile sopranos, but we enjoyed the rousing favourites from Gravel and Wine - Black Sheep, Man Like That, If Only, Dirty Love, and Sweet Hell. The audience was a mix of ages and genders, and patient fans, reminding her it has been over three years since her last concert in Christchurch.

Gin was supported by Timberwolf (Chris Panousakis), a young Australian singer/songwriter who entertained with some catchy blues/folk songs, a great voice and some emotional performances. He was particularly powerful on Into the Cold, sounding rather like Bono. He chatted amicably between songs, explaining the meaning of each song.