By Jarred Tito

Artist: Fireshark

Date / Venue: Friday July 3rd, 2015 - Whammy Bar, Auckland

Locked and loaded with a new bunch of head banging and body heaving, explosive and in your face thrash, Fireshark unleashed their version of metal onto the crowd who lapped it up in bucket loads. FireShark are the final band to take the stage of St.Kevin's Arcade underground wonderland of shady music in inner city Auckland.

For the whole night we had been treated to bands such as Hot Ropes and Roofdog who were a crowd pleaser once again lively-ing up everyone with their punchy brand of scar. PCP Eagles, who as always, delivered an uncompromising thrash/metal/punk offering whose musical synchronisation is absolutely second to none, set the perfect stage for the release gig.

Fireshark lived up to their name and were on fire throughout their set introducing a mixed collection of more tradition thrash, which for me is what the whole scene is about, and then some more commercially popish sounding rock which I am not completely sold on. Having said that, it was my first listen and I can appreciate that within time these songs could grow on me as each of them was more definitive from song to song with both melody and pace. I mean let's be honest, most thrash metal, save the lyrical changes, can kind of sound the same from song to song.

Over all a good night out for the punters at the Whammy Bar and the four bands who provided them with a range of eclectic and modern rock. On a personal note I was glad to see that bands like FireShark are still drawing an audience and are quite able to provide their followers with a very satisfying night of slamming and head banging.

I would love to see their following grow and will also enjoy acquainting myself with their latest CD offerings.