By Megan Moss

Artist: Seether

Date / Venue: Friday June 26th, 2015 - Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland

I was pretty happy to be taking photos & reviewing last night's Seether gig for a couple of reasons;  Seethers' last show here in NZ was sold out pretty much instantly & venue upgraded with the shows receiving great feedback.  Seether now have six studio albums under their belt, multi-platinum level sales & have enjoyed constant radio airplay since 1999, plus work a well-known huge tour schedule (that makes me feel sick to think about), seasoned pro's so I was expecting a huge fantastic onstage persona (& amazing action photo opportunities for me)... and also to be honest, I'm just a bit of a sucker for a good rock concert.  Ekko Parkwas opening, and always put on a good show (I admire headline bands that use locals for their support over bringing the next big thing along with them... so kudos Seether).

An audience of all ages;  predominately 20-35 was surprisingly sedate for Ekko Parks downplayed entrance who were not offering a huge applause as Ekko took the stage... just a medium sized one.  Neither-less, Ekko got stuck in like true professionals, the sound was spot on, the light show rad & the Auckland based band did a stellar job.  The sedate 20-something year olds in the audience were won & warmed in the first song & were clapping  & cheeringfrom there on in.  I haven't heard a bad thing about their performance & really enjoyed the set!

So Seether entered the room... we were introduced with 'No Jesus Christ', a huge rumbling, bubbly eerie sounds that were glorious. It was a melodic and slow building culminating with a huge drum solo, enthralling & mesmerising the kind of concert drums that rumble in your chest & blow your mind, I kinda liked that muchly & so did the audience.

Seether got right into it, not so much audience interaction at the beginning, but they sounded fantastic; from wherever you were in the venue.  A wide range of music was played from pop to grungy rock to ballads & even a fantastic cover of Tenacious D's 'Fuck Her Gently' which the audience laughed, cheered & joined in the singing.  Seether onstage looked wonderful and present; once the banter started we were treated to a few funny stories about drinking challenges won by South Africans & the likes.

As far as highlights for me; I loved every minute of Broken, really stood out. Sang solo by lead singer Shaun Morgan, A huge sound, full of emotion & the absence of evanescence singer Amy Lee (who for some reason kind of grates on my ears) on vocals made it for sublime for me.

All in all; a fab night out on a chilly night in the city with Seether!  I am impressed by their faultless rock'n'roll performance definitely... didn't quite get the action I expected in my photos, but all in all a great show that I was glad to be part of.

Good one Seether, enjoy your next leg in Australia.

Seether Set List:

  1. No Jesus Christ
  2. Gasoli
  3. Needles
  4. Rise Above This
  5. Same Damn Life
  6. Driven under
  7. Fine again
  8. Broken
  9. My Disaster
  10. Words as weapons
  11. Country song
  12. The gift
  13. Tonight
  14. Nobody praying for me
  15. Fake It
  16. Fuck her gently
  17. Remedy