Gin Wigmore

By Wal Reid

Artist: Gin Wigmore

Date / Venue: Wednesday July 1st, 2015 - The Powerstation, Auckland 

It was the homecoming to top all homecomings as Gin Wigmore looked genuinely surprised as she eyed up the vocal Auckland audience. Her baleful look gratefully receiving the local homage, her blues infused music the perfect remedy for a cold crisp Auckland night. 

New Rush kicked things off in style, its infectious chorus striking a chord with punters, however it was time to get down to ‘Blood & Bone' business as the singer clad in trademark sleeveless white tee shirt sporting her recognisable tattooed sleeve took to the stage.

Gin looked happy to be back and she made no qualms about it either, bouncing between songs to chat with the audience "It's so good to be back, Dave's a Kiwi the rest are American" she joked before reverting to Kill of the Night off her excellent Gravel & Wine, before turning up the ‘gravel' factor on her voice for the slower paced Black Parade. This gave the crowd a welcome respite from the party-esque atmosphere before the dance floor erupted with the hella-rhythmic Hey Ho... it was the closest thing to line-dancing I'd ever seen at the Powerstation - shocker. 

With her recently publicised marital affairs aired in the Kiwi media, oh, and the down-trou of that internet troll dickhead, Gin has always had a superb grasp of putting lyric to song to get her message out to the masses. Whether the ‘fuck ups' in her life or the story about her Mum asking her about her ‘fall back plan' on the song DFU, its heart on sleeve stuff connecting ‘blood & bone' and one the audience appreciated.

Latest song made into video Written in Water, was given the full band treatment as guitarists Dave & Johnny had fun pacing the stage swapping guitar licks as Gin interacted playfully between the pair. The band were on song tonight, you could tell the energy they were feeding off the crowd was spontaneous this made the experience even better. In My Way, Nothing To No One and the spine tingling If Only rounded out the set nicely. The inclusion of the encore song with her band singing backup huddled around a mic on a stripped down acoustic I Will Love You was utterly mesmerising.
We all had our full of Gin. She is the perfect balance of blues, rock and emotion, now all we need is to find a way to come down...

Set List - Courtesy of Poppy Tohill
New Rush
Kill Of the Night
Black Parade
Hey Ho
Black Sheep
In My Way
If Only
Dirty Love
Nothing to No One
One Last Look
Written In the Water
Man Like That
Sweet Hell
I Will Love You