5 Seconds Of Summer

By Leah Victoria

Artist: 5 Seconds Of Summer

Date / Venue: Thursday June 18th, 2015 - Vector Arena, Auckland

After award winning, drama filled, sell out shows in London this month, 5 Seconds of Summer headed back home to the southern hemisphere to kick off this leg of the Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour atAuckland's Vector Arena.

The Aussie group made up by guitarists Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford, bassist Calum Hood and drummer Ashton Irwin have grown a massive following over the last 12 months, while bashing out a whole heap of music in 2014.

During the show, lead singer Luke thanked the packed out Vector for the support and commented on how the last time they played in Auckland it was to a crowd of just 300.

The venue was absolutely heaving with the anticipation of excited teenage girls who screamed every time a slight movement on stage made them believe their favourite heartthrobs were about to appear! And when they finally did, the crowd just turned to a whole world of crazy. There were screams, and cries, with real tears!

Opening with a high-energy version of End Up Here, they swept straight into Out Of My Limit, which in turn merged to Heartbreak Girl totally seamlessly. This killer opening had everyone on their feet dancing jumping and screaming along, from what I could see not one person sitting in the seated arena tonight. (apart from a few parents!)

It appeared to be such a huge stage for 4 rather small guys! and was made even bigger by the super tall screens giving the fan girls the close-ups they really came for.

My highlight of the night was seeing them pull a young boy up on the stage to play a bit of Calums bass guitar, swinging the strap over his little shoulders and helping him to strum a few beats. He looked completely star struck but did a great job and made the crowd cheer as much as the band themselves!

They packed so many songs into the first 40 mins the energy was running endlessly. In what seemed like a plan to appease the fans while the boys took a moment to catch their breath and wipe the sweat, calming graphics of shiny golden orbs floated across the screens. But as soon as Michael sung out the first line ofRejects the crowd returned to its original thrilled state.

There was a dreamy version of Amnesia, and a sulky rendition of Beside You as well as an impromptu off the cuff "Story" about how Michael burnt his face during his final London show by walking into a pyrotechnique display. He assured everyone he was not too badly injured and thanked his fans for their concern.

I would have liked to have seen them interact a little more closely with the fans, rather than stay so far back on the stage, but then, maybe all the screaming teenagers scared them a little. I'm sure they will get used to it, as their popularity only seems to be growing by the show!