Jamie xx - In Colour

By Lisa Diedricks

Released Friday May 29th, 2015 - Young Turks

"The xx" production, electronic and backing vocal extraordinaire man himself, is back! Jamie Smith or better known by his stage name, Jamie xx brings his debut studio album, ‘In Colour', brought to you by the independent London born record label Young Turks.

Smith began his solo production career back in 2009, bringing you remixed tunes from well renowned artist, ‘Florence and Machine', and then being personally asked by XL Recordings to remix Gil Scott-Heron's 2010 album, ‘I'm New Here', which was publicly released in 2011. In the same year Smith remixed Drake's ‘Take Care' international chart topper and his remix made US top 10 in the first week.

Smith states, that ‘In Colour' was a hard and emotional 5 years, continuing that it was hard to finish the music once he had started making it. Smith told himself that he wanted to create and master an album and a sound that didn't sound like it came from any specific era. Smith incorporates a lot of difference and creativity in this album, which a lot of listeners probably won't even notice, because they are so engrossed in ‘In Colours' original and simplistic vibes. If you listen carefully to such songs as, ‘Gosh,' and ‘Girl', you may hear vocal sampling from Britain's well known TV and radio shows. Sampling coming from an episode in Top Boy which features a clip from a BBC Radio programme called ‘One in the Jungle'. Well respected English born, post rock electric musician, ‘Four Tet', also known as Kieran Hebden, collaborates with Smith on ‘Seesaw'. The album also see's underground artists such as Young Thug and Popcaan lending their rapping and vocals to Smith's masterpiece.

The album itself has gotten really positive reviews since its release date, sitting on an average 8.9/10, having some reviewers calling it a "complex and rich album", "creativity at its finest", and "a ball of glittery emotions shining back at us".

Being a fan of The xx for years and seeing them live overseas, I was extremely excited to know that Smith was bringing out his own album, for the mere fact that a lot of the xx's sound comes at the hands and ears of this genius, I knew the album was going to be an emotional our pour that made listeners really take in the musical feelings this album brings. The album itself is an amazing culmination of Jamie xx's last 5-6 years of hard work, incorporating strong unique ballads, dance numbers, and off the wall collaborations with extreme and well refined artists and producers, compacting them yet letting each song expand in its own right in this and outpours emotion, and gets richer and richer the more you listen and explore into it. Its subtlety exhales so much colour (pun intended). 'In Colour' reflects brightly, is a very well poised and positioned album that is heading to be universally acclaimed.

Be prepared to be listening to this album more than once, once you pick it up, your ears will love you!