Fridays to become global release day for new music

July 10 2015 sees the introduction of 'New Music Fridays', an aligned global release day for new music being introduced in more than 45 recorded music markets worldwide.

New Zealand moved to releasing new music and publishing the NZ Top 40 Music Charts on a Friday each week during March 2013. However, around the world music has continued to be released on different days of the week in various countries. This has ranged from Monday releases in markets such as France and the UK, Tuesday in the US and Canada and Friday in markets such as New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

That changes on July 10 when new music is being released on a Friday at 00:01 local time around the world.

Think new music...think Friday

The global move to 'New Music Fridays' is an opportunity for artists and labels to maximise awareness of newly-released music. Whatever country they are in, fans will now know that Friday is not just the start of the weekend but it's also the day for new music. This helps create more excitement and a sense of occasion around the release of new albums and singles.

Recorded Music NZ CEO Damian Vaughan says Fridays have proved to be a great time for music fans to access new releases.

"We are really pleased that a Friday release day is being adopted by so many territories around the world. The start of the weekend gives consumers more time to explore new music, to shop in-store and online and share their discoveries through social media," Vaughan says.

With just one month to go before 'New Music Fridays' takes effect worldwide, consumers looking for information can visit which has all the details of the changes taking place.