By Jake Ebdale

Artist:  Shihad

Date / Venue:  Friday May 22nd, The Powerstation, Auckland 

I'm too old for this shit. I have bruises, cuts and my ears are ringing. Yep, Shihad just played Killjoy live again. It was Jeb's night out.

Six years ago, the mighty Kiwi rockers played a series of shows celebrating their two brutal and most well received albums, the aforementioned Killjoy and The General Electric.

Though the latter was their true breakthrough and arguably Shihad at the height of their powers, Killjoy was always the better album - one of the most consistent, brutal, engaging pieces of music I've ever heard. Forget NZ - I'm talking ever.

To celebrate its 20-year anniversary, a much-needed vinyl reissue has seen the album in the limelight once more. It was made to play live. The taut nine song cycle - from the angular, snarling opening riff of ‘You Again' until the ragged screams of ‘get up!' - is full of reasons why Shihad are our bogan darling children.

The second time around, the boys have lost nothing. The material still fucking rips. It was boganville and people stunk. Many drinks were spilled. I was part of my first mosh-pit in shit knows how long, and it was all worth it.

Songs like ‘Envy', ‘Bitter' and ‘Silvercup' could and should be staples of their live shows. As they played their encore, featuring a hefty chunk of FVEY material (which was great, by the way), I still felt myself wanting to hear more bloody Killjoy.

Not many albums have that effect on you. An amazing show from an amazing band. And John, Phil, Tom and Karl - you better be planning a big party for this one's 21st.