Torres - Sprinter

By Lisa Diedricks

Released Friday May 8th, 2015 - Inertia

For those who discovered Mackenzie Scott, known better for her stage name ‘Torres' by her self-titled debut album in early 2013, they'll be pleased to know that the up and coming artist is back with powerful and emotionally told story in the forms of the new album ‘Sprinter', which is also the first single and titled track of the album.

Supporters of Torres may need to start sharing their love for their underground, independent artist, as this album is without a doubt, beginning to reign in a lot more fans.

Once again, Scott is solidifying songs such as ‘The Exchange' and ‘Strange Hellos' on the market and radio with personal experiences and musings, with familiarity in tempo's and alternative beats that can be heard on the first album (which was recorded in only 5 days), Torres brings in track after track the huge creative development between the two albums.

Producer Rob Ellis who surprisingly plays drums for Torres, jumps on the album to provide a certain sense of directory to help Torres express her energy, and dramatic ‘universally acclaimed' raw and notably live and intimate indie rock recording.

Torres is by far one of the most interesting and well proven artist that has graced our ears in a long time. With song-writing credentials also printed on this album, she is proving to be a hard hitting force to be reckoned with. Torres is making headlines for having an incredible story to tell in such a mature way with writing, despite her young age (24).

I see big things happening for this artist, she is only grazing the surface!