Cobain: Montage Of Heck

By Clare McCabe

Kurt has been gone for over 21 years now. Can you actually believe that?

Montage of Heck is an authorised documentary about Cobain's life (as in Frances Bean executive produced and Courtney is interviewed within the movie). Brett Morgan was given "access all areas" to the Cobain archives in order to put this movie together.

The story is told via part-animation, interviews with people close to Kurt (including his mum and Krist Novoselic), old home movies from when Frances was a baby and loads of drawings and notes/lists from Kurt's journals.

There is live footage including the great MTV Unplugged event and loads of other concerts. And did I mention the home movies - such fascinating stuff. And so very sad.

It reminds us of how very talented this man was, how big an influence his music was on the world. And how distressing it is that he is no longer with us.

I cannot stress enough - this movie is a must-see for anyone who is even slightly interested in 90s music and Kurt's legacy. Be warned though - you will be moved to grab your Nirvana CDs and listen to them. Over and over again.

Montage Of Heck opens in New Zealand cinemas for a limited run from May 7th.