Thy Assassin - A World Left Behind

By Tim Randall

Released February 24th, 2015 - Independent Release

The world is wasting away before our eyes, underneath our feet, all around us and still, day after day, we dig holes to hide our waste and to bury our heads. YOU are as much to blame as I am and together we're part of the same disease: humanity. Like a cancer spreading across the earth, ravaging it until there's nothing left but the money we can't eat. This is the driving message behind Thy Assassin's A World Left Behind. A mirror held to the world at large but with one stark difference, they're coming clean, they've kicked their soapbox aside: they're as bad as the rest of us.

Lead singles ‘Inhuman' and ‘The Dead Reborn' are harrowing reminders of just how far humanity will go. Steeped an aggressive honesty that's like slowly having your head wrapped in plastic there's nothing quite like the image of one person after the other being smothered by greed in the world's slow decay.

We'll leave this behind what will be left for those that come after us and where will we go next?