The Jason McIver Collective - The Big Blue EP

By Jason Moss

Released December 1st, 2014 - Southern Collective Music

"Bloody hell... thats really good"... was my first thought and comment after listening to The Big Blue by The Jason McIver Collective and after subsequent listenings, the thought still holds.

Not knowing what to expect I was more than happy with the melodic mix of acoustic/electric pop/rock of this 6 song ep, first from the headphones... then lounge stereo... then the car stereo while driving... I didn't mind listening to it repeatedly at all, something I don't usually do ever.

Jason and his collective made up of Jason McIver on guitar & vocals, Si Folkard on bass, Matthew Hill on lead guitar, Wil Bloodfarm on drums and John Boone on percussion. Together they have crafted what I'd describe as "a very easy to listen to wee gem with substance" in The Big Blue.
A couple of standout tracks for me are 'Old Pop Song' which has a fantastic wig out and guitar solo after the second chorus that to me tops out an already very catchy song... nice one.

Another standout track 'In Time' sort of reminded me of Radiohead for the first few bars... just not as depressing, also gets stars from me.

But seriously; there's not a bad song on here, an as I was hoping there is a full album on the way... I found out there is plans for it this year, eagerly anticipated.

4.5 / 5