Rise Against

By Teylor Moss

Artist: Rise Against

Date / Venue: Tuesday December 8th, 2015 - Town Hall, Auckland

Performing the last show of their Black Market tour, Rise Against put on the most incredible show that the fans were going crazy over.
It was a bit of a mission to find our seats, the Town Hall is like a maze to try and get around. But its absolutely gorgeous, with spectacular sound.

The supporting acts: Lookin' Up - This punk band welcomed its fellow Aucklanders with heavy sound and good vibes, a great choice to excite the crowd and open for Rise against. PCP Eagles - This heavy rock band took the stage, ferociously playing fast and loud with a roaring bass, the crowd was getting more and more excited. Unfortunately I couldn't understand the singer very well, which may be due to the sound. Amazing stage performance though, another great choice!

After the support acts played their sets, the crowd was screaming for rise against. After much demand Rise Against appeared on stage with a spectacular light show, opening with The Great Die Off. Already the crowd was off the floor and in the air, Rise Against exceeded my expectations, aswell as everyone else! Watching the crowd was a show of its own, Ive never seen so many circle pits in one night, singing every word, this crowd was unbelievably remarkable.

Coming all the way from Chicago; Tim Mcllrath (Vocals/Rhythm guitar), Zach Blair (Lead Guitar), Joe Principe (Bass) & Brandon Barnes (Drums)
They gave it their all and more, always talking with the crowd, even joining them!

Amazing performers and incredibly talented musicians, this is a band you'll want to see. Thankyou to everyone who made last night possible and a huge thankyou to Rise Against for making it such a great night.