Eden Mulholland

Eden Mulholland kicks off his Hunted Haunted Tour tonight at Meowin Wellington, before heading for more shows in Whanganui, Auckland, Leigh, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Hunted Haunted is the latest album by Mulholland, which was released in August this year and has been receiving rave reviews. We had the chance to catch up with Eden Mulholland before he heads off on the tour.

Your latest album has been getting some fantastic reviews. Are you pleased with the reception?

Yeah I'm really happy. People have seemed to really like it which is great, is always good to know.

Where did you record it?

I recorded some of it at home, in my bedroom. But the most part of it was recorded in LA with Neil Baldock. He use to run Roundhead Studios in Auckland, but he moved over and is running a studio there. So we mostly tracked it in LA.

How long did the whole recording process take?

I spent two weeks in New York with my other producer Victor Van Vugt, then spent two weeks tracking in LA with Neil. So about a month all up and then a few bits and pieces here and there.

Was it hard choosing the final songs that would appear on the album?

Yeah it was actually, I've got a few that I've left off. It's always different every time, I kind of get sick of songs fairly quickly and then fall back in love with them later.

And you've got a six date NZ tour about to commence with Chelsea Joy, Nadia Reid, Moses and Pelorus as guests!

Yeah, so Chelsea will be going me in Leigh and Auckland, and Nadia will be for Christchurch and Dunedin. And the Moses and Pelorus in Wellington. They're all amazing talented people and it's cool to have them on board.

Will the shows cover a healthy repertoire of old and new material?

Yeah they will. I'll play pretty much everything from the new album, and play a good selection of older songs. Maybe even a Motorcade one thrown in.

Following the tour, what are your plans over summer and then heading into the New Year?

I've got a few shows in Australia and am hopefully we're looking to go back to the States before April next year, and we're probably going to go back on another tour around New Zealand & Australia probably around April as well. We're looking at releasing the album in States next year as well, which is pretty exciting.

Eden Mulholland

Thursday November 5th: Meow, Wellington - Tickets via Under The Radar (with Moses and Pelorus)

Friday November 6th: Musician's Club, Whanganui - Free gig

Saturday November 7th: Backbeat, Auckland - Tickets via Under The Radar (with Chelsea Jade) 

Sunday November 8th: Sawmill, Leigh - Tickets via Under The Radar (with Chelsea Jade) 

Friday November 13th: Darkroom, Christchurch - Door sales only (with Nadia Reid)

Saturday November 14th: Chicks Hotel, Dunedin - Tickets via Under The Radar (with Nadia Reid)

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