By Ben Doy

Things are coming up in leaps and bounds for Christchurch singer Plum.

Following Plum's (real name Em-Haley) latest single ‘Silver Second' being featured by the US website HillyDilly, she's was also named as a worldwide influencer in a global campaign for the youth lifestyle brand Factorie

Since debuting her music at a live showcase held by The Audience in December 2014, Plum has spent the better part of 2015 working on new material including ‘Silver Second' - co-written and produced by acclaimed Sydney songwriter Alex Hope.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Plum for a quick chat.

How did you first get in to performing and writing music?

I've been writing since I was probably about 7 or 8. It was a dream that I wanted to pursue all the way through my teenage years, but pretty much I just dropped everything and went hard last year and joined up with producers. I thought if I don't go for it then I will never be fully happy or satisfied... because it's just like the most amazing feeling in the whole entire world.

Where did the name Plum come from?

I wanted something that was a little bit mysterious and a little dark, but also super feminine and quite luscious. One of my favourite publications is Vogue because I'm obsessed with fashion and the culture and everything that combines it. One of my favourite editors is Plum Sykes and I just loved the name and kind of took it on.

How did you grab the attention of The Audience?

It's funny, it only started about December last year. I made the first track that I'd released under the name Plum, but I was after some guidance on everything because I was relatively new to this whole thing, so I hit up Ashley Page and as soon as he heard my song he said "Do you want to come up to the showcase next month?". So they flew me up and got my profile sorted on the Audience. I hadn't really done much before and had only released my track, so I was beautifully thrust into the spotlight and able to be around all these influencers in New Zealand... all the labels and movers & shakers. It was just amazing.

You also caught the attention of the HillyDilly website

Yeah that was amazing. They've been on my case now since Silver Second was released. They've just got an eye for all the fresh and up and coming talent. I got sent a tweet that they'd tagged me in and it was some sort of top new music playlist. It was so amazing just to be featured beside these top names that I love... like Kiiara and Troye Sivan was on there, so it's super humbling that they even put me on that same platform. It's super cool.

You've been writing recently with Alex Hope, how has that experience been?

Amazing! We just bonded so well. It was like a whole different dynamic with both of us being female. Working with guys is amazing but this was like a different kind of vibe, we bounced off each other really well and I felt that we were very like minded. Especially in the process of writing, it's such an intimate thing. You have to be able to talk with the person that you're working and collaborating with, and be able to explain yourself and your feelings. She's an angel and I hope that I can work with her again.

How would you describe your sound?

I don't want to put myself into a box because I love experimenting and I'll always be growing, so I wouldn't say I'm restricted to a genre. I have so many influences and I like to combine everything, so there are elements of R&B, pop, electro-pop... like lots of synths. But I like incredible luscious lyrics and with my vocals I'm obsessed with layering harmonies. So no matter what music you put me on you'll still be able to tell it's me. But influences from lots of genres put together to make my sound.

What are you plans for the rest of 2015 and the summer ahead?

Well right now we're just working on getting Silver Second out there and definitely can't wait to start working on new music and creating lots more amazing things. I'm pretty excited, I think 2016 will just be massive.

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