Moon Duo

By Teylor Moss

Artist: Moon Duo

Date / Venue: Thursday November 26th, 2015 - Whammy Bar, Auckland

As I walked down the stairs into Whammy Bar, I could tell this was going to be a great night. Whammy Bar may be small, but it has so much character, from the tattered booths to the foosball table and the friendly staff. I couldn't wait.

To start the night off Sere took the stage, with their catchy riffs that you can't help but dance along to; it wasn't long before everyone was! A great support band for Moon Duo.

Moon Duo came on stage, captivating every ones attention with their ‘psychedelic bassy sound'. Everyone in the bar leapt to the floor, immediately crowding the entire bar, it was fantastic. Consisting of Sanae Yamada(Keyboard) Ripley Johnson (Guitar) and John Jeffery (Drums). Opening with Wilding ,this amazing band transports you to absolute ecstasy.

After playing hit after hit, the crowd still wanted more. Begging for an encore, Moon Duo reappeared delivering yet another stellar performance. I was completely blown away by Moon Duo, from their outstanding musical talent and love for it, to the stage performance. I particularly loved that they were in sync from their attire to their show performance, it looked & sounded spectacular!

I did find they didn't communicate with the crowd as much as I would have liked, but it didn't affect the performance at all, going strong from start to finish! Overall, it was such a fantastic night. Everyone put on such an amazing performance, the sound was perfect, the venue was amazing a good choice for Moon Duo.
The Whammy staff were friendly and I'll definitely be back soon.I'd strongly recommend the next time you hear about a Moon Duo gig, get tickets and I'll see you there! Thank you to everyone who helped make it such an amazing night!