Lisa Crawley

By Poppy Tohill

Artist: Lisa Crawley

Date / Venue: Friday November 13th, 2015 - Tuning Fork, Auckland

The Breakers may have been playing next door at the Vector Arena, but it was the Tuning Fork that got all the magic on Friday night as Lisa Crawley brought her Up In The Air EP release tour to town.

Crawley has proven to us many times before that she can easily hold a crowds attention on her own, but treating Auckland fans to the special addition of drummer Stephen Thomas, guitarist Sam Taylor and Cass Basil on bass, it proved obvious she can reign at both ends of the performing spectrum.

Kick starting the night with a handful of tunes from her All In My Head record, the piano driven 'What Would I Give' proving a strong and memorable opening. With 'Better Lands' & 'Trying Out Tonight' featuring outstanding instrumentals and harmonising from the band.

Taking the audience back to her debut album Everything That I Have Seen, Crawley pulled off stunning versions of older favourites, 'Birds' and 'Leaving.'

Leaving the best for last, the audience were more than ready to hear Crawley's newer tunes, as she began talking about her Up In The Air EP before launching into an upbeat electronic-poppy tune she informed the audience was titled, 'Safe And Sound.'

The delicate piano and vocal melodies throughout 'Is There Something Wrong' (a personal favourite) strongly showcase the enchanting musical simplicity Crawley is best at, infused with slightly deeper vocals she seems to have adopted throughout the entire EP.

Following 'Mayday' & 'Showgirl,' popular All In My Head single and crowd favourite 'Elizabeth' was thrown in for good measure, before Crawley finished up with EP title track Up In The Air, which brought the house down in the most appropriate of fashions.