Official statement from Rhythm & Vines

Statement from Rhythm & Vines

There has been recent editorial coverage on the 2014 riots at the BW Festival, which, although associated with Rhythm and Vines, was a separate festival and campground under separate management. BW campground was solely provided as accommodation for patrons attending Rhythm and Vines. BW Festival and campground is and has not been owned or operated by Rhythm and Vines.

The imagery being used across this recent editorial coverage is from the BW Festival and not Rhythm and Vines. It must be reiterated that BW Festival was a separate entity to the Rhythm and Vines Festival. 

The Rhythm and Vines Festival has seen over 180,000 patrons attend over the past twelve years, and have had only five arrests during this time. Additionally, there were zero arrests at the Rhythm and Vines Festival in 2014.

All concerns relating to the 2014 riots were handled under BW Festival's management, and not Rhythm and Vines.

Safety is of the utmost importance to Rhythm and Vines' management, and following the events at BW Festival last year, Rhythm and Vines management decided to host everyone onsite and will be ensuring that there is a responsible consumption of alcohol, in a controlled environment, with increased security.

In accordance with the law, no intoxicated persons will be served at the Rhythm and Vines Festival and Rhythm and Vines Festival managers take this extremely seriously.

Rhythm and Vines Founder, Hamish Pinkham says, "Safety is always at the forefront of our festival planning, and following the events at a separate festival last year, we have taken extra precautions to ensure that our festival and campgrounds offer a safe environment for patrons." 

As a three-day festival, it is a new dawn for Rhythm and Vines this year, with the festival appealing to a wider audience and offering not only great music, but adding comedy, food and fashion to the mix. 

Every year Rhythm and Vines festival boosts the local economy by an estimated $12 million. Rhythm and Vines continues to focus highly on the Gisborne community, supporting community charities including Surf Life Saving Gisborne, Sustainable Coastlines and the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation nationally. 

These charities, the local community, and safety, will continue to be a priority for Rhythm and Vines' management along with host responsibility.