Electric Wire Hustle

The 50th annual Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards are just around the corner, taking place at the Vector Arena in Auckland onThursday November 19th.

We had the chance to fire some questions through to Electric Wire Hustle, who are up for Best Electronica Album for their album Love Can Prevail.

How does it feel to be nominated for the Best Electronica Album?

We're super thankful to get the nomination. We've been making quite strange music for a while now so it's awesome to finally get some recognition at this level.

You're up against some strong competition. How do you feel the Electronica scene is currently going in New Zealand?

You're not wrong. Electronic music is alive and well in NZ, there are so many dope acts using an array of interesting instruments and techniques to try and find new weird and wonderful forms of music.

When and how long did it take you to record the album?

We took our time with this record. The industry demands that you just put something out asap. But that's not really our style. We also didn't want to put out a shit second record, which is really hard when a lot of people love your first album.

Where did you record it and what was the most challenging aspect?

We were living in Berlin at the time and we recorded half of it there. The other half was recorded at Blue Barn Studios in Wellington. One of the most challenging aspect that I remember was that towards the end we had a really tight deadline and I was going all out to finish the vocals in time - I'd record day and night and then transfer the files to Benny Tones our mix engineer in Wellington after I had finished at about 2am every night. Wake up and repeat.

What are your plans following the Music Awards, heading into summer and 2016?

We'll be finishing a new album for release next year. Gig wise we're at Rythmn & Alps Festival in Wanaka for New Years, I'll be performing with Fly My Pretties in Feb and then look out for the Electric Wire Hustle album tour in a town near y'all...

Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

Thursday November 19th: Vector Arena, Auckland

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