Parkway Drive

By Teylor Moss

Artist: Parkway Drive

Date / Venue: Wednesday October 7th, 2015 - Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland

Woah!! Well done Parkway Drive, for putting on such an intense and amazing show at the Logan Campbell Centre, on their IRE tour! And also to the most dedicated, music lovin' crowd I've ever seen!

Looking Up took the stage first. Giving it their all, they put on a great show. Possibly could have been a tiny bit louder so the people at the back could get more into it would be my only comment! Next up, we have The Word Alive who played an amazing set. Tyler 'Telle' Smith getting very intimate and crowd surfing. Despite Tyler's amazing performance, the mic wasn't quite loud enough and I could just hear him. I'd definitely go see them again.

Before I get started on Parkway, there's one band that deserves huge recognition... Thy Art Is Murder....WOW! A great set, the sound was perfect, the band were having a great time and making full use of the stage. I enjoyed Chris's banter with the crowd, amping us up ready for Parkway Drive! You have to go and see this band! Here we go, the one and only Parkway Drive. How do I begin? The cheers could be heard back in Aussie!

Unfortunately Jeff Ling couldn't make it, in his place and more than capable to fill his shoes was Marshy!Marshy had apparently very quickly learnt the songs and managed to smash the songs out with ease! Even though I was very close to the front, I couldn't quite see the band yet though from in the crowd at the front though. I have to talk about the CROWD who were insane & having the time of their lives! It can get rough in the mosh pit, but this was an exceptionally lovely mosh pit and everyone lent a hand or two when you need it!

I could see the band now and the fantastic show they were putting on, Winston was wearing a grin & so were the audience. Playing all the favourites like Dark Days, Swing, Bottom Feeder, etc. Parkway drive has never failed to disappoint me in concert; I couldn't believe it when they said it was their last song. Time flies when you're having fun!

Encore! This had to be my favourite song of the night -Crushed- and such an amazing way to wrap up the concert! If you've never seen Parkway Drive before, you're missing out! Find out when they're coming close to you next! Big ups to all the staff working and security, they kept it all under control. I had an amazing night, thank you to all the bands and to the staff for an amazing night! All in all a huge thumbs up from me.