Avalanche City

By Megan Blackwell

Artist: Avalanche City

Date / Venue: Friday October 16th, 2015 - Mercury Theatre, Auckland

So I when I was asked to shoot Avalanche City on Friday, I really only thought of the Silver-scroll single Love Love Love and the song smashing it at the moment, Inside Out. What twenty something kiwi couple planning their wedding hasn't considered these songs to feature on their day?

I honestly had not expected to see so many families, there was even the odd pram in tow. We were rearing to go having arrived at 7:20 and got comfy for Benny Tipene.

Benny was casually cheeky. The teenage energy ballooned with his little comments and segues. He reached optimum charm when he commented mid song that he can't afford a guitar solo and performed a Capella trumpet solo.

He regaled us with the anecdote of how his song Trunks was about his cat, named after the Dragon Ball Z character, and it's super power hernia. Wrapped up on two sing along crowd pleasers. First, his angry song Step On Up, about a shop robbery in Henderson over 12 RTDs, "...The worst kind of drink you can buy!" and Make Ya Mine.

Great moment when Avalanche City took to the stage with I Need You - with an actual trumpet. The house lights went up and everyone's camera phone came out for Inside Out. By Little Fire the toddler in front of me was dancing in the aisle.

Dave was very grounded and humbly said what a luxury it was to having the band with him. He shared with the crowed that he'd always dreamed of playing in a theatre like this. Bless.

He gently poked fun at how he'd forgive people who's phones illuminated their faces so clearly - they're probably tweeting about the show. He promises he wasn't being passive aggressive.

With Wild Places in true kiwi fashion, the audience didn't need to be told twice to clap along. The band left the stage to give Dave some intimate time along with us... that came across ‘kinkier' than he intended.

The band came back on with Benny Tipene ready to play The Streets and Love Love Love. The crowd definitely peaked at the hit song with more phones flashing and everyone singing along. Dave announced there would be no awkward encore but they'd sing two more songs before they head out to the foyer to say ‘hi'.

All in all a fun and friendly Friday night gig.

Benny Tipene Set:

Song Two
Sweet Life
No Good for Me
Step on up
Make Ya Mine

Avalanche City Set:

I Need You
The Midnight
Drive On
Inside Out
Little Fire
Fault Lines
Wild Places

Don't Fall Asleep
Giving Me a Sign
The Park

The Streets
Love Love Love
Keep Finding a Way