Spoon - They Want My Soul

By Scott Birnie

Released Friday August 1st, 2014 - UMusic

Voted on US website Metacritic as the top band of the 2000's, beating out the likes of Radiohead and The White Stripes is a big deal, a title Spoon a worthy of. And with ‘They Want My Soul' they deliver their best album to date.

Forming in 1993 by friends Britt Daniel and Jim Eno in Austin, Texas, Spoon have slowly built a reputation for their garage/indie rock style. Quietly inspiring many acts that have briefly graced the top 10 of recent years, Spoon has honed their sound to a Beatles like Buzzcocks meets The Zombies. Hard to explain but easy to understand and right from the outset the 70's punk sound of ‘Rent I Pay' is as refreshing in 2014 as it is original. ‘Knock Knock Knock' and ‘Do You' let the album flow perfectly to the beautifully written finale ‘New York Kiss' (a song that if performed by a better known artist would have significant airtime).

For indie fans this is a must have album, not only for how good it is but also because this is the band that for a long time has been credited as starting the indie movement in the early 90's.

Quietly reserved and exceptionally brilliant is the only way to describe Spoon and their latest album ‘They Want My Soul'. For a band to release their best album into their 2nd decade of existence is almost unheard of, but not only have they done that but they have also released what could be one of the best albums of this decade.

4.5 / 5