Kimbra (DJ Set)

By Patrick Campbell

Artist:  Kimbra (DJ Set)

Date / Venue:  Saturday August 16th, 1885 Britomart, Auckland

The day after the release of her sophomore album 'The Golden Echo'Kimbra took to 1885 in Britomart for a special DJ set in celebration of the release.

A line up of DJs including SWTMXKDS, Kathryn Wilson, and George FM's Aroha who was joined by MC Tali, all got the night started and the growing crowd in a good mood, ready for what was to come.

The highlight of all this was definitely watching Tali, her freestyle rap, and her beautiful vocals were amazing. No matter what Aroha started playing, Tali managed to get around it and stun the crowd with lyrics coming off the top of her head.

Tali showed why she is one of the most respected and talented Drum and Bass MCs in the world and prepared the crowd for the arrival of one of New Zealand's greatest musical exports; Kimbra.

Kimbra and two of her band mates took to the stage and delivered a remixed version of 90s Music with live vocals from Kimbra herself. Together the three of them spent an hour pleasing the crowd with a mixture of RnB, classic 90s pop, and a few of Kimbra's own tracks.

Whilst Kimbra herself did not do most of the DJ work, she provided vocals to almost every track, and hyped the crowd with her unique dancing and endless smiling. An appreciation for the supportive crowd was clear from the way she stayed afterwards to talk to fans and take photos.

Leaving everyone with the statement "Hopefully we will be back soon to play more shows." She left the stage to the SWTMXKDS, and the party continued. The crowd was left in excitement at the hope of new Kimbra shows in our country soon, and this kept the mood alive all night.