Anberlin - Lowborn

By Sebastian Mackay

Released Tuesday July 22nd, 2014 - Tooth & Nail

The entire time this was playing I was thinking: "It's not a good time to be getting into Anberlin." There's nothing quite like discovering a band that are on the way out. But then I realised something - somethingAnberlin fans will be screaming at me about - it's as good a time as any. They have a solid collection after 12 years as a band and they're topping it off with Lowborn.

While Atonement will be sufficiently heartbreaking for some and intriguing for others it's offset by We Are Destroyer (because with a track like that it sounds like the band will be going on forever). And maybe that's what'll happen, maybe they will live forever through their music or maybe they won't. Regardless, if you're discovering Anberlin or have been listening to them for 12 years, Lowborn is a good place to start and a good one to end.