Junelle - Just The Sky

By Poppy Tohill

Released Friday June 6th, 2014

There's been a number of EP's released recently and I believe ‘Just This Sky' from the incredible songstress Junelle, is by far one of the best.

Having performed with some of the countries top jazz musicians throughout the country over the past decade, Junelle recently embarked on a more intimate journey, working or her first collection of original tracks, for her solo debut EP, which was released earlier this month.

Showcasing her exceptional songwriting and vocal ability, this EP beautifully captures her ambient, electronic pop sound, as each track adorned with beats from producer Abraham Kunin, act as the perfect background for her smooth and stunning vocal melodies.

Opening with the calm, soft sound of ‘I've Been Waiting,' Junelle's unique soothing vocals immediately transport you into a calm, relaxed atmosphere, as the simple, emotional lyrics help lull you into a trance. Beautifully opening the EP, this tune gives you the perfect idea of what is yet to come and leaves you believing it is in fact this EP that you have been waiting for.

Continuing with the relaxed ambience of the music, ‘Intertwined' slightly picks up the pace, showcasing and highlighting a bit more of the electronic pop aspect to Junelle's music. Beginning with a brief slightly dark piano melody, a consistent rhythmic beat soon takes priority as the background to Junelle's unique ambient vocals, as the piano melody slowly returns playing softly in the background once more. With the addition of clicking here and there and a bit of guitar also thrown in adding an extra nice touch, this tune fades out on a beautiful note, with Junelle's vocals taking precedence over some intriguing, calm and mesmerising sounds.

Swinging right into the electronic pop style once again, ‘Home' adorns yet another rhythmic beat as a backdrop to Junelle's vocals which prove a bit more prominent throughout this track, showcasing her excellent vocal ability and range, as she begins in a lower more deeper tone, than present throughout the last few tracks, working her way up to the higher point distinguished throughout the chorus, somewhat similar to that of Ladi6's track ‘Hold Tight.'

EP title track ‘Just This Sky' also has its own unique sound although could be similar yet again to that of Ladi6. As the beat begins simple, a piano melody is once again present playing softly in the background also, as Junelle's vocals shine bright throughout this track, echoing and fading delicately in accompaniment with the beat. As the song draws to an end, the beat slowly fades as the melodious piano tune returns joined by a touch of tambourine, Junelle's vocals momentarily disappear before returning and gradually fading out just as strikingly as they had began.

‘Hosting Shadows' brings yet another difference to the table, as Junelle's vocals brilliantly dominate over another superb electronic beat from producer Abraham Kunin.

‘101511' stands out as the track with a point of difference on the EP. But that's with a good point of difference, not a bad one, incase you were wondering. Beginning with another melodious intro on the piano, a fast rhythmic drumbeat again joins in, with the piano however remaining prominent this time over the beat. With no vocals on the track, it is an excellent short one minute instrumental that greatly displays the wide variety of talent Junelle has to offer musically, proving she's not just talented vocally.

EP closing track ‘Refuge' was written in relation to Junelle's interest in Buddhism, writing the track for theDalai Lama himself. Accommodating true Indian flavours, the track also features a Tibetan prayer throughout one of the verses. Ending the EP as she began, Junelle's unique vocals echo throughout the track, impeccably.

Although Junelle's ‘Just This Sky' EP is fresh and new to the public, it has already received some great recognition around the country, and I for one am extremely excited to see what is to come next from this incredibly talented songstress.