Gary Numan

By Ritzy Sparkles

Artist:  Gary Numan

Date / Venue:  Friday May 23rd, The Studio, Auckland

You don't stay relevant in the business for over 30 years without having something up your sleeve and Gary Numan certainly has some big sleeves. Being fortunate to catch the recent epiphany that was NIN, it was only fitting that an audience with Mr Numan should follow.

My first response to the sonic wave that threatened to engulf the venue (and some of the audience) for most of the gig was if only it was a bigger venue. From the opening track Resurrection, the vibe was deliciously dark & industrial. Mr Numan owned the stage, banter was minimal and at the risk of going full cliché, it was about the music.

Unfortunately for the music though, the sound mix became distorted and by ‘Films' and ‘Hear In Black' I was regretting not bringing ear plugs and retreated to the aural safety of the bar for some time out. Personal highlights included ‘Resurrection', ‘Cars', ‘I Am Dust', and the classic ‘Are Friends' Electric?' which was part of the encore.

My gig buddy & I even spotted a suit amongst the punters but never judge an aging fan boy/girl by it's cover - rookie mistake. A great night with a master, it's just a shame that the venue came up lacking.