Brody Dalle - Diploid Love

By Clare McCabe 

Released April 25th, 2014 - Universal

Ladies and gentlemen what a treat. Some brand new punk rock from our pal Brody.

Was very excited to hear that Miss Dalle was to release a solo album this year. Apparently Brody spent a full year writing and recording this album, also taking a co-producer credit with Alain Johannes (of Arctic Monkeys fame) and the album was recorded at his studio and at Mr Homme's studio in California.

Now I always did love the Distillers - so angsty, fast and catchy. Remember City of Angels and The Hunger? Great stuff. I miss the Distillers and I believe Brody does too. Then we had Spinnerette, not quite the Distillers, but still with that great voice.

And now with Diploid Love, Brody is back on form in my opinion. There is a hint of The Ramones there and even a touch of the classic Courtney Love drawl. There are some guest appearances from her musician friends as well - Nick Valensi and Shirley Manson anyone?

Let's be honest - Brody's life (and therefore what influences her songwriting) has changed significantly since her time in the Distillers. She is older, has two small kids and a musician husband. And this certainly shows. Also love the fact that the little ones come on tour with the family - too cute.

The album is compact with a mere nine songs. Starting off with the wonderful ballad-slow then shouty-fastRat Race. Then there's that Ramones influence on Underworld, along with some special guests, El Mariachi Bronx. Love the whiney Dressed In Dreams and the gloomy (is that a synth I hear?) Carry On. I Don't Need Your Love takes Brody's voice to a variety of levels and has a slight 80s feel. But I think my favorite is Parties for Prostitutes, very Siouxsie-esque, so much going on in one tune.

Actually sorry who am I kidding, the songs are all great. Short, sharp and a bit sweet. Exactly what we expected (and waited for) from a refreshed and slightly more grown-up Miss Dalle.

Brody is back - do go see her if you get the chance. Perhaps a solo tour next (really wish I had caught her supporting NIN/QOTSA recently).

And word has it that she is already keen to start work on album number two (when time and children permit). Bring it on.

4.5 / 5