Nina Nesbitt - Peroxide

By Poppy Tohill

Released February 14th, 2014 - Universal


If there was one artist I could convince to come over and perform inNew Zealand right now, it would be Nina Nesbitt. Without a doubt,‘Peroxide' is one of my favourite albums of 2014 so far...

Gaining mainstream attention with her single ‘Stay Out' which peaked at number twenty one on the UK Singles Chart in April 2013, Nina Nesbitt, the British singer-songwriter and guitarist from Edinburgh, Scotland has (finally) released her debut album ‘Peroxide' following the release of her five EP's: Live Take (2011), The Apple Tree (2012), Boy (2012), Stay Out (2013) and Way In The World (2013).

Nesbitt's album Peroxide features an extraordinary twenty tracks, all of which showcase her exceptionally unique vocal and musical talent in numerous different ways. With a perfect mixture of upbeat, poppy dance tunes and beautiful melodic ballads, this album is definitely worth a listen right from start to finish.

The album begins with title track ‘Peroxide' which nicely introduces the album displaying Nesbitt's energetic and upbeat tunes. Continuing with the cheerful mood, next up is her popular single ‘Stay Out,' which is then followed by ‘Selfies,' the official lead single from the album which peaked at number forty on the UK Singles Chart.

Slowing down the pace, tracks ‘Two Worlds Away' and ‘'Align' display a more personal and emotional side to Nesbitt as she strips it back to just her voice and acoustic guitar backed by a simple drum rhythm in ‘Two Worlds Away' and again changing the ambience in ‘Align' with a beautiful melody played on the keyboard which is then backed by her unique and mesmerizing voice.

Tracks, ‘Tough Luck,' ‘Hold You,' ‘The Hardest Part,' ‘The Apple Tree' and ‘The People' continue to showcase a more delicate side to Nina and her songwriting ability, with a mixture of empowering and captivating songs with the use of guitar and piano changing throughout each track.

But you don't have to keep your dancing shoes off for long with this one either as the fun, pop-tastic, upbeat rhythms return soon enough with my personal favourites off the album, Mr C, He's The One I'm Bringing Backand 18 Candles.

Certainly a feel good album that is bound to lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face with every listen. Don't forget to have a little dance (Maybe even take a selfie or two) and enjoy what I think is one of the best albums of the year to date.