Introducing Maya Payne

By Poppy Tohill

Imagine Bjork, Gin Wigmore and Heather Nova's vocals' intertwining with one another to create an exceptionally mature, raw and defined sound. Now imagine that sound coming from the voice of a seventeen year old, and you have Maya Payne.

This rising star from Christchurch has been singing since the age of eight, writing her own songs since eleven and indeed has the talent to become New Zealand's next global music sensation.

Winning her school talent quest at the age of eight, singing Vanessa Carlton's, ‘A Thousand Miles,' Maya has continued singing and performing at various events and showcases throughout Christchurch, playing guitar and piano and writing her own material.

She is pursuing music and singing lessons as well as currently studying music performance and music tech atBurnside High School. 2013 saw a big leap for this young up and coming artists' musical career.

Penning her first single ‘Fragile,' after a connection with the American multi Grammy Award winning producer and engineer, Dru Castro, Maya directed the production for the single herself recording the music with a band from the Christchurch School of Jazz and working closely with Castro to produce the final product.

The delicate and heartfelt lyrics of ‘Fragile,' tell the honest story of Payne's life growing up in Christchurch, although she admits, "I want people to take what they want from the song." Like the lyrics themselves suggest, the song will send a shiver down your spine as Maya's breath-taking vocals resonate with you long after the song is over.

Already receiving great publicity in her hometown of Christchurch, with ‘Fragile' hitting number one on radio RDU's top 10 chart. Maya was also recently highlighted as the ‘feature artist' on reached the number one spot on the site's released chart.

She has some pretty exciting things happening in regards to videos, collaborations and new music all coming up later throughout the year also.

Maya Payne is certainly a new up and coming artist you are going to want to keep an eye on, because this rising star is going to do nothing but grow...

Already working on new material for both an EP and album, keep blasting ‘Fragile' in the meantime and follow Maya on Facebook for more updates:


"I would love to bring something new to the music industry and hope that you can connect with this song and join me on the journey." - Maya.