Jurassic 5

By Eve Cheesmur

Artist:  Jurassic 5

Venue / Date:  Wednesday March 26th, The Powerstation, Auckland

J5 have accompanied my bestie and I on hundreds of road trips and we've traced their lyrics and beats from conception on cassette, to CD and then to MP3's. Simply put, Jurassic 5 have been the soundtrack to our lives. So, when Anya called me with the news that Mark7 had replied to her email confirming 2 tickets for us to see Jurassic 5, I literally squealed with delight.

There was an obvious cock up with the tickets....perhaps the love had been shared too much as no comps were allow entry from 10pm onwards, there were some pretty angry people hovering around outside thePowerstation, but they soon toddled off to local bars in the area.

Persistance paid off for us and we were granted entry to a heaving Powerstation only a few songs into J5's set.

Straight to the dance floor (where else would you be at this gig?) and we were in, around, and all over the love. There were shit eating grins smattered throughout the crowd....J5 are simply feel good hip hop at it's finest.

Fists pumping in the air to Freedom, an old school battle of the mics for Quality Control, the hits kept coming. While Jurassic 5 took it back to the concrete streets, original beats, with real life MC's, we all danced our asses off and smiled back to Chali 2na.

The show spanned J5's four albums and the set was seamless, and the band was as tight as ever. High Fidelity, and Jurass Finish First were another couple of highlights. It was hard to imagine why J5 broke up in the first place, none the less, we all sighed with relief at their reconnection and felt privileged to be a part of this special show.