By Clare McCabe

Artist:  Eminem

Date / Venue:  Saturday February 15th, Western Springs Stadium, Auckland

Last night I attended an event with upwards of 50,000 other people. They were all there to see one person. And they were all totally blown away by his performance. Yes it was that good.

Rapture 2014. The other acts (not including poor old Odd Future who were at the last minute not allowed in the country) went down well with the massive crowd. Especially Mr J Cole and his crew, who were last on before Mr Mathers took the stage and seemed to be keeping the vibe going from where I was standing.

But crowd goes wild is an understatement when the man himself ran out on stage and launched into Survival(off the latest album). 100% energy - can you believe the man is now 41 years old? And that this was the first time he's hit the stage in New Zealand?

To quote Eminem himself: "Auckland. What the f*** man? I ain't never been here before". I do believe the man was excited to be here too. Rap God indeed.

His band were super tight, his offsider complimented his singing perfectly and was a great all-round cheerleader to get the crowd going. He was also joined by his chum Royce da 5'9" for a rounding rendition ofLighters (bring on the sky full of lighters they sang - and the audience came to the party, lighting up the whole stadium with lighters and cell phones).

Not really one for a setlist, but they were all there: I'm Not Afraid, Stan, Criminal, Kill You, Sing for the Moment, Monster, Berzerk, My Name Is, Without Me. And a fabulous one-song encore of Lose Yourself. Ninety minutes of greatness.

If you get the chance, and even slightly like Eminem's music, do yourself a favour and get a ticket to this year's tour. You will not be disappointed. The man is once again at the top of his game and you don't want to be "the one" who missed out.

Thanks for treating us to an outstanding evening Mr Mathers - oh and don't be a stranger, come back soon, your fans will be waiting.

Let's hear it now: You better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it...