The Datsuns

By Megan Moss

Artist:  The Datsuns

Date / Venue:  Thursday December 18th, Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland

Ok so I'm just going to say it right out...The Datsuns Rock!

If you were one of those people who like The Datsuns, but didn't go out of your way to get your sorry arse along to see the band kick off their Deep Sleep Tour at the Kings Arms on Thursday totally missed out!

Now I'm not going to lie to you one bit; I openly describe myself as "Uber Datsuns Fan" so when Dolf de Borst, Phil Somervell, Ben Cole Christian Livingstone took the fantastically lit stage; all or any "grown-up-ness" and abandon I had jumped right out the door, I went weak at the knees, the music smashed us head on, and I felt like a "20 something" year old again...

Obviously I'm a fan; but taking a step back, these guys are rock n roll pros... rock god material actually. I was impressed at how well Dolf worked the audience and when he called for audience participation a few times... everybody sang loud and proud, no mean feat with us reserved kiwis. It was hot, sweaty, and gloriously loud (sure we all could've handled it louder). The audience were in a very happy place and no one could say these guys are not experts at what they do. They are professional musicians, they have grown but successfully held on to what made them successful... fantastic!

Offering up their solid, screaming, wah on overtime rock n roll sound with all energy that could be mustered (also these days with a very nice phasing effect on the guitars), the audience were pretty much bought to their knees, it was the kind of gig you go to and remember how good you felt at that moment in time for years afte... or am I just too romantic about these things? You'd have to be half dead to have not felt some rush of excitement at some time during the set.

On the set list were old favourites plus songs from the new album... not disappointing at all and I urge all rock n roll fans to go get yourselves a copy now.  As the "Uber Fan" I am, and I do love the new album, for me the highlights were definitely Motherfucker From Hell and after there was just enough time for the sweat to get cold & sticky (my hubby really wanted me to say that... but its true), Harmonic Generator as the encore...spastic head banging & singing ensued.

In Megs world; The Datsuns are New Zealand's greatest rock n roll export, these guys are so god damned good at what they do; and thankfully "live for this stuff" to quote Dolf.

The Datsuns were without a doubt the best gig I have seen in 2014... period.


Caught In The Silver
Bad Taste
Gold Halo
Sittin' Pretty
Yeah, Yeah, Just Another Mistake
Helping Hands
That's What You Get
One Eye Open
Stuck Here For Day
Goodbye Ghosts
Emperor's New Clothes
Looking Glass Lies
Claw Machine
MF From Hell
Gods Are Bored

Harmonic Generator
What Would I Know