Winners from the 2014 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

The 2014 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards were held last night,Thursday November 20th, at the Vector Arena in Auckland.  

Unsuprisingly Lorde was the big winner of evening, with the international music sensation takes out a phenomenal six Tuis. They include the Tuis for Mentos Album of the Year and the International Achievement Award for the second year running.

Stan Walker and David Dallas also claim two awards each and newcomer sibling duo Broods are taking home their first ever Tui for Breakthrough Artist of the Year award.

Mentos Album of the Year

Winner: Lorde - ‘Pure Heroine'
Other finalists:
Ladi6 - ‘Automatic'
Sol3 Mio - ‘Sol3 Mio'
The Naked And Famous - ‘In Rolling Waves'
Tiny Ruins - ‘Brightly Painted One'

Vodafone Single of the Year

Winner: Lorde - ‘Team'
Other finalists:
Broods - ‘Bridges'
David Dallas - ‘Runnin'
Ladi6 - ‘Diamonds'
The Naked And Famous - ‘Hearts Like Ours'

Steinlager Pure Best Group

Winner: The Naked And Famous
Other finalists:
Sol3 Mio

Best Male Solo Artist

Winner: David Dallas
Other finalists:
Liam Finn
Stan Walker

Best Female Solo Artist

Winner: Lorde
Other finalists:
Tiny Ruins

Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Winner: Broods
Other finalists:
Sol3 Mio

Best Rock Album

Winner: Blacklistt - ‘Blacklistt'
Other finalists:
Clap Clap Riot - ‘Nobody/Everybody'
Ekko Park - ‘Tomorrow Tomorrow Today'

The Edge Best Pop Album

Winner: Lorde - ‘Pure Heroine'
Other finalists: 
Benny Tipene - ‘Toulouse'
Stan Walker - ‘Inventing Myself'

Best Alternative Album

Winner: Tiny Ruins - ‘Brightly Painted One'
Other finalists: 
Grayson Gilmour - ‘Infinite Life!'
Liam Finn - ‘The Nihilist'

Best Urban/Hip Hop Album

Winner: David Dallas - ‘Falling Into Place'
Other finalists:
Ladi6 - ‘Automatic'
PNC - ‘The Codes'

Best Roots Album

Winner: Tama Waipara - ‘Fill Up The Silence'
Other finalists:
House of Shem - ‘Harmony'
Mark Vanilau - ‘Dark Horizon'

Best Electronica Album

Winner: Opiuo - ‘Meraki'
Other finalists"
Bulletproof - ‘#Listen'
Sorceress - ‘Dose'

NZ On Air Best Music Video

Winner: Campbell Hooper - ‘Hearts Like Ours' (The Naked And Famous)
Other finalists:
Thunderlips - ‘Stranger People' (Doprah)
Tom Gould - ‘Runnin' (David Dallas)

Best Maori Album

Winner: Rob Ruha - ‘Tiki Tapu'
Other finalists:
House of Shem - ‘Harmony'
Tama Waipara - ‘Fill Up The Silence'

Best Gospel Christian Album

Winner: Mosaic Music - ‘You Surround'
Other finalists:
Lifestyle (of Worship) - ‘Lifestyle (of Worship)'
Saving Grace - ‘The Urgency'

Best Classical Album

Winner: Jack Body - ‘Poems of Love and War'
Other finalists:
Dame Gillian Whitehead - ‘Alice'
Voices 16 - ‘Voice of the Soul'

Vodafone People's Choice Award

Winner: Stan Walker
Other finalists:
Sol3 Mio
David Dallas

NZ On Air Radio Airplay Award

Winner: Stan Walker - ‘Bulletproof'

Vodafone Highest Selling Single

Winner: Lorde - ‘Royals'

FOUR Highest Selling Album

Winner: Sol3 Mio - ‘Sol3 Mio'

NZ Herald Legacy Award


Best Album Cover

Winner: Anna Taylor & Ken Clark - ‘The Nihilist' (Liam Finn)
Other finalists:
Henrietta Harris - ‘Infinite Life!' (Grayson Gilmour)
Robert Wallace - ‘Automatic' (Ladi6)

Best Producer

Winner: Joel Little - ‘Pure Heroine' (Lorde)
Other finalists:
Thomas Healy - ‘Brightly Painted One' (Tiny Ruins)
Thom Powers - ‘In Rolling Waves' (The Naked And Famous)

Best Engineer

Winner: Joel Little - ‘Pure Heroine' (Lorde)
Other finalists:
Doug Jane - ‘Waiata' (Dame Kiri Te Kanawa)
Hayden Taylor - ‘Blacklistt' (Blacklistt)

NZ On Air Critics' Choice Prize

Winner: Randa
Other finalists: 
Lake South

Best Pacific Music Album:

Winner: Sol3 Mio - ‘Sol3 Mio' 
Other finalists:
David Dallas - ‘Falling Into Place'
Ladi6 - ‘Automatic'

Best Country Album

Winner: Kaylee Bell - ‘Heart First'
Other finalists:
Anna van Riel - ‘Whistle and Hum'
Marian Burns - ‘The Paris Sessions'

Best Folk Album

Winner: Tattletale Saints - ‘How Red is the Blood'
Other finalists
Into The East - ‘Fight From the Inside'
Chris Priestley - ‘Unsung Heroes'

Best Jazz Album

Winner: Nathan Haines - ‘Vermillion Skies'
Other finalists:
Phil Broadhurst - ‘Flaubert's Dance'
Reuben Bradley - ‘Mantis: The Music of Drew Menzies'