The Preatures - Is This How You Feel? EP

By Patrick Campbell

Released August 6th, 2013 - UMusic

Australian alt-rock band The Preatures has been in the background of the Australian music scene for a couple of years, but this, their second EP, could be enough to push them into the spotlight. The five songs showcase not only lead singer Isabella Manfredi's vocal skills, but also guitarist Gideon Bensen's vocal talents and their extremely versatile sound.

The first three tracks focus solely on Isabella's vocals, beginning with the title track; a fast paced pop track which can whip any crowd into a dancing frenzy with its upbeat rhythm and catchy chorus. It's no wonder this song made it into triple j's top 100 songs of 2013 over in Australia, it's a summer anthem. Second singleManic Baby shows the rockier, darker side to the band, less of a sing along piece it still brings a fast pace, but with a sense of urgency that pulls the listener in.

The final track with Manfredi on lead vocals; Revelation (So Young), is possibly the most personal and vulnerable track of the EP, alongside All My Love, both of which look back and ask what could have happened? The latter is the first real showcase of Bensen's vocals and his rich, smoky tone takes the EP to a much darker and stronger sound. His voice has the ability to softly croon, but also to command the listener to pay attention. The final track of the EP is another fast paced classic rock track. Harking back to 70's Fleetwood Mac with Bensen and Manfredi coming together on vocals for the chorus. Dark Times is a great way to finish the EP, leaving the listener keen for more from the band.

This EP also translates well live where you can witness the chemistry between the vocalists and question whether Bensen is in fact the re-incarnation of Elvis Presley. Whilst no live dates for New Zealand seem to be on the horizon, the EP has given them a boost into the international touring circuit and the band is going to have to find time to record their much anticipated debut album in between dates throughout Europe and even a spot on the first night of Coachella.

The one fault of this EP is that there isn't more, a short burst of this band's unique blend of pop and rock is simply not enough. I certainly can't wait for more from this up and coming band which is definitely one to watch as they grow through the year.

4 / 5