Big Sean - Hall Of Fame

By Pauline Hunt

Released August 26th, 2013 - Universal

It's only been 2 years since the release of his first studio album ‘Finally Famous', & now Big Sean is back in the limelight with ‘Hall Of Fame'.Sean Michael Anderson first entered the music scene after first signing with Kanye West's GOOD music in 2007 then later signing with Def Jam Recordings in 2008, which lead him to releasing his debut album in 2011. No I.D who is also the executive vice-president for Def Jam Recordings was the main producer behind his latest album.

Unlike most albums of this generation, ‘Hall Of Fame' is compiled of 17 records, not including the unnecessary skit in the middle of the album. There a few tracks on here that have personal stories behind them and if you can get past all of the foul language and the way he delivers (it is a hip-hop/rap album after all) Big Sean does deliver a story well. Guap' is the first single to be released from the album (and my least favourite) and from the infamous Jamaican drums opening the record, you'd think that that's what you're about to hear, but no. This is Big Sean after all, dropping mean beats, & lyrical rhymes. Big Sean has also been quoted saying about the record "something that strikes an emotional chord in people", which means the particular theme he was going for is that it's going to be one of those songs that brings out the good feelings and makes people happy, well, he half achieved that.

The second single to be released is 'Beware' feat. Lil' Wayne & Jhene Aiko, who is also part of the Def Jam Recordings family, since signing with them in 2011. This record is probably my favourite from the album, as it has a rhythm and bass to it that it is hard to forget. Have to also mention the lyrics behind this actual song, might not be true in his life story, but it is definitely relatable to anyone who has been there, done that. Another record worth mentioning is "First Chain", which Big Sean talks about what it was like growing up in his neighbourhood in Detroit, Michigan, and then what it felt like when Kanye West gave him his ‘first chain', a Jesus piece, which was a ‘welcome to the family' gift after signing with his label.

Miguel also makes an appearance on his album on the track "Ashley". This record is in dedication of Sean's ex girlfriend Ashley who he split up with earlier this year. It was written when they were very much still together, and from the story he tells us on this one? Sounds like the man is still in love with her even though he has moved on. The beat behind this track is slower than what's on the rest of the album, but then, he is trying to get an emotion out of the audience, and together with the lyrics, for a hip hop artist, does quite well."All Figured Out" is another track with a personal story behind it and it is one of the few songs on the album is special to Sean. Talks about life in general and how as a teenager thought he knew everything there was to know about life. He explains that even when you think you've been taught everything, life comes back to remind you that there are always more lessons to be learnt. Just because you enter adult life, you're still a student.

Big Sean has definitely grown up since the release of his first album. The lyrics, the drum and beats, the delivery and the choice of records that he has put together on this album will make his fans wanting more. This is an album that definitely deserves some credit as Big Sean knows the game a little bit more and therefore is always trying to improve himself. The way he raps, his choices on topics that he wants people to listen to, the production behind his records and how as soon as the first beat drops, you just want to sit up, turn up the volume and listen, how his collaborations with different artists fit well depending on the story he wants to tell. This album has everything you'd love from this genre and with his swagger that he adds to it, makes it that much more of an album you don't want to turn off.