Kodaline - In A Perfect World

By Ashley Karsanidis

Released June 14th, 2013 - Sony Music

After hearing High Hopes whilst flicking through the music channels I knew this band had potential to be in my list of favourites. Like me, you may have heard that song before playing on the music channels or on the radio - or not. The humble band live together, write together and play together. If you don't feel a stir of emotions while listening to this album, then there must be some sort of fault on your end.

That first track has everything this band is about. Entrancing vocals, expressive lyrics, captivating guitar riffs, and powerful and eloquent drumbeats. Brand New Day sounds exactly like its name and the entrancing guitar riff at the start is all the convincing you'll need. The sweet sounding piano melody in After The Fall is joyful and engaging.  Pray is more melancholic, like High Hopes, and it creates this moody but comforting ambiance. All in all, the whole album is very impressive. A lot of intense vibes were felt throughout this. Every time I listen to it it's no different. The more you turn it up the more you feel it. "...our music might come across as sad when you first listen to it but it's also hopeful. Or at least I think it is." - Stephen Garrigan, vocalist.

Music is their therapy. The talented lyricists spent two years only writing. Dedication, ambition and belief are what kept this band alive. The band was interviewed while touring America in May for their album. The article from the interview was published on the website for the daily British newspaper, The Independent. In what seemed like a no boundaries interview the band revealed a lot.  After being reminded of their previous band, Stephen Garrigan went on to say "We were writing our own songs back then but they were childish. It just took a bit of soul-searching and growing up..." Furthermore he let the world in on the two of their most popular songs. "All I Want is basically a letter to my ex-girlfriend. Every song has its own story. High Hopes was written just after I dropped out of college and had no direction whatsoever."

The four man band originated in Dublin, where they all grew up. Stephen Garrigan (singer) Mark Prendergast (guitarist) and Vinny May (drummer) have been playing together since they were fifteen years old. Their first crack at fame was on an Irish music competition much like X-Factor, where they were known as '21 Demands.' Though they didn't win, they made quite the impression and were granted a deal with Universal. Following that came a chart topping single Give Me a Minute. That was 2007 and looking back they don't seem too fond of those days but still don't regret it either. After taking on Jason Boland as the bands bassist and naming themselves Kodaline, the quartet have achieved quite the fan base. Their most popular songs having millions of views on YouTube, this band is only getting bigger and better.

5 / 5