Airbourne - Black Dog Barking

By Scott Birnie

Released May 17th, 2013 - Warner Music

At times in the past Airbourne have been accused of making music that was a carbon copy of all that made the 80's music scene bearable. They lacked innovation and originality to really make an impact or to distinguish themselves from all that has come before them. Strongly influenced by Judas PriestMotorhead and fellow countrymenAC/DC, Airbourne showed in the past that they had all the talent of some of the greats and with this album they have delivered.

Black Dog Barking is a powerful, fast, angry and at times a fearless display of raw hard rock talent. From the opening track ‘Ready To Rock' to the title track this album displays a turn in direction for the Victorian quartet. They have managed to develop a distinct identity that could well bring this brand of rock back to the forefront of popular music. Although at times the lyrics may seem cliché the album as a whole makes for uplifting listening, Screeching vocals laced with piercing lead breaks and fist pumping drum beats, listening to Black Dog Barking had me throwing a few devil horns and head banging along.

While they may not redefine rock and roll, Airbourne have certainly delivered their best album yet. Being a child of the 80's I can respect what they have done in the past, although with a touch of "heard it before". Now as a current music journalist I can thoroughly enjoy Black Dog Barking, this will have you singing along, jumping up and down and throwing down your best air guitar performance. In the words of lead singer/guitarist Joel O'Keeffe, they are back in the game, and kicking ass again.

4 / 5