Three Houses Down - Moon & Back

By Pauline Hunt

Released May 31st, 2013 - Frequency Media

Having released their ‘Break Out' album in 2009, Three Houses Downis back with their latest EP ‘Moon & Back'. The 9-piece band, which formed in 2004 and are based in South Auckland have been in the studio working on new and fresh material, all while still touring and performing around the country. The release of this EP is their most significant EP to date.

The first single released which the EP is titled after ‘Moon & Back' will not leave their fans disappointed as they stick to their reggae roots and the sound they're most well known & loved for, which is that fresh, feel good music which makes you wish it were summer all year long. They steer far away from any of their earlier music that they've released before.

Making a guest appearance alongside the boys also is international artist Spawnbreezie on ‘She's My Woman', which is the one song that stands out for me. The four remaining records all create the same feeling, which is exactly what reggae lovers want to hear. ‘Sway' however differs from the other five records as they change up the tempo to make it more upbeat.

Three Houses won't be losing any followers over this EP as the boys know what they love and they won't steer far from their roots. The band is built on strong choral tradition and you can definitely hear that shine through their music. Definitely worth a listen if you're a fan of NZ reggae music.

3 / 5