Monsta - Cali Fobb EP

By Pauline Hunt

Released April 19th, 2013 - Frequency Media

Born and raised in Long Beach, CaliforniaMonsta a.k.a Monsta Ganjahis a long way away from home as he brings us his latest EP ‘Cali Fobb'. Introduced to the music hip-hop world in 2002, Monsta appeared onYukmouth's (Platinum Selling duo ‘The Luniz') album ‘United Ghetto's Of America'. At the end of 2009, Hip-Hop Label Dawn Raid Entertainment signed him on with an exclusive distribution & marketing deal.

First single to be released from ‘Cali Fobb' is ‘Mixed Emotions' feat. Swiss. This record has an R&B feel to it, which shows us a softer side to Monsta than the norm that audiences are used to. ‘Always Stay High' is the first record on this EP and it's about what the title says. Always Staying High. A similar theme is heard through ‘Mary Jane' featuring Lee Majors.

Also featuring is Yukmouth, the man responsible for giving Monsta a chance to show his lyrical talent on the record ‘Back Against The Wall'. Also, what rappers album wouldn't be complete without talk of ‘Gold Chains' and shiny things, as Monsta raps about all the ‘bling' and ‘diamonds'.

‘Cali Fobb' shows us Monsta's roots and that his music is definitely influenced from where he grew up. It has the drum and kicks that an album of this genre would normally have, as well as the lyrical content. If you're a fan of the artist, or just love the sounds of underground hip hop, you'll want to add this to your collection.

2 / 5