EndAnd - Mechanics & Energetics Of Stilt-Running

By Scott Birnie

Released April 30th, 2013

EndAnd, a power punk/noise rock trio from the heart of Brooklyn, New York, have been gaining momentum, and a solid fan base, since their 2012 (US) summer release of ‘Adventures Of Fi In Space'. Their sound, combining early grunge influences of the Meat Puppets andNirvana with a heavy punk sound similar to Henry Rollins andPropaghandhi is uniquely loud and powerful.

The new album ‘Mechanics & Energetics Of Stilt-Running' is a crunching, growling speed test of noise. Featuring 11 songs at a combined length of 21:30 minutes and described by lead singer/guitarist Daniel Fern as ‘immensely personal and angry, maybe even schizophrenic' is just that. From the outset the album fails to deliver on what was promised from ‘Adventures Of Fi In Space'. There is a lack of cohesion between tracks that stifle the album and fail to let it flow.  To say that it is ‘schizophrenic' is a justified statement.

Although the album as a whole misses the mark, that's not to say there aren't some moments that shine.‘Vessel' and ‘Pulse' really show that talent this trio possess and signal a real step forward in song writing and musical ability, it's just unfortunate they couldn't replicate this throughout its entirety.

For the fans of ‘Adventures Of Fi In Space', this album will keep you going until EndAnd recreate and build upon their initial success. The moments of greatness, for me, are overshadowed by an overall sense of confusion.