HRVRD - From The Bird's Cage

By Ashley Karsanidis

Released March 19th, 2013 - Warner Music

This is the first time listening to this band and I wish I had found out about them earlier.

This album reminds me a bit of Imagine Dragons. Similar in the way that they are easy listening but still have that little edge. It's that with the entrancing vocals that make this album a standout from all the other typical ‘Pop' albums out lately. You get pulled into this world of tranquility. It's so original and yes, maybe slightly plain and simple, but there's something appealing that makes it so captivating. Seriously, give your mind and soul a chance to be rejuvenated by this. You'll feel refreshed and recharged. After a bit of research I discovered that this album is more composed and mellow compared to their last one, so if you're not feeling it with this album check out their previous one. There aren't many bands that are capable of this kind of musical greatness so I do encourage all to check it out and you'll discover for yourself that they are an amazing band.

A little background information on the band: Formerly known as Harvard, this five-person band were brought together in 2004. Their first EP Animals was released in 2008, which was followed by their successful and critically acclaimed album The Inevitable And I less than a year later. After this they then went on to self-produce their second EP Interpretations in 2010. A good year and a half was spent on creating their latest album, From The Bird's Cage.

4.5 / 5