Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones – Part 2

By Clare McCabe

Released April 5th, 2013 - Warner Music

To be honest, I was really unsure I would like this album as previousStone Sour releases have not been quite heavy enough for me - much prefer his Slipknot stuff.

Corey Taylor is one of those guys who likes to mix it up a bit with his styles and bands - think Dave Grohl and his many different bands andJack White who tries a bit of everything. And here we have the new album (Part 2 of the set) which quite frankly is the best work he has done. Ever. Anyone who buys this because they are a fan of the previous radio-friendly tunes from Stone Sour may be in for a bit of a shock as this is a lot heavier and more aggressive than previous albums, even Part 1 from last year.

Stone Sour is made up of Corey on vocals and a spot of piano, two of his pals from Slipknot, Josh Rand andJames Root, with their old-school metal solos and menacing riffing and Roy Mayorga (who was previously in Soulfly with Max Cavalera) thundering away on drums. They are also joined on the House of Gold albums byRachel Bolan of Skid Row fame on bass.

Standouts here are Peckinpah with its powerful guitar, the brutal growl of Gravesend, the raucous sing-a-longDo Me A Favor, and my favorite Black John which catches you right from the beginning with Corey's shouting. Love that chanting on The Conflagration - a neat little ballad at the end of the album. And then they launch into the title track and we remember what we came for "either way I've got nothing to prove to a son of a bitch like you" screams Corey. And back to the beginning we go for another listen.

Can't wait to hear this one live - reports that Taylor is planning a world tour in 2014 during which they will spend two nights in each city to perform both halves of its "House of Gold & Bones" double album in their entirety - one per night.

Corey Taylor, you are a man of many talents. I have always been a Slipknot fan and I am officially now a fan of Stone Sour too. Thanks.

4.5 / 5