Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience

By Dane Anderson

Released March 15th, 2013 - Sony Music

Justin Timberlake has been around long enough to know how not to be dictated to in terms of career expectations. He's shown this in his film acting, which has developed into more than just a side project. He's also shown it in his music where with the The 20/20 Experiencehe releases his third solo album in total and his first album in seven years!

Like his previous album FutureSex/LoveSounds, The 20/20 Experience once again sees Timberlake working with producer extraordinaire Timbaland, but while the aforementioned infused R&B and pop with techno, funk and rock, this sees Timberlake and Timbaland incorporating a more neo soul style throughout the album with added elements of older soul music, R&B, and electronic sounds.

First single ‘Suit & Tie' is slick and smooth with its almost effortless beat, while Timberlake sings in that accustomed falsetto making it sound similar to ‘SexyBack' and ‘Rock Your Body'. Rhythm just about oozes from every orifice throughout with a definite old school soul music sound you will fall for. ‘Pusher Love Girl' swoons along with Timberlake once again portraying plenty of charisma and sexiness in his voice. ‘Strawberry Bubblegum' continues the albums rhythm and flow, while ‘Let the Groove Get In' incorporates an almost tribal beat as Timberlake repeatedly chants "Are you comfortable, right there right there/Let The Groove Get In, feel it right there".

Second single ‘Mirrors' is a slight let down with its lack of punch and grab, but the majority of the songs are expertly written on The 20/20 Experience, showing the maturity that Timberlake has grown into, becoming a fine professional artist.

Key changes and unexpected medleys draw each song to an average length of seven minutes, which comes across slightly confusing and forced at times as opposed to the desired Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin effect of taking you on a journey through the song. However, that's the only real downfall of the album as the more you listen, the more it will sink in and grow on you. The 20/20 Experience could be described as more creative as opposed to experimental but one thing in for sure is that it sees Justin Timberlake once again pushing those boundaries far from the expectations that are often dictated to artists.

4.5 / 5