Fun. - Some Nights (Tour Edition)

By Poppy Tohill

Released February 22nd, 2013 - Warner Music

Fun. released their debut album ‘Aim and Ignite' (2009), which peaked at number 71 on the US album charts.  In 2012 they released their second album ‘Some Nights,' creating history on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their single ‘We Are Young,' which stayed in the number one position for six consecutive weeks and also won a Grammy for ‘Song Of The Year.'   With ‘Some Nights,' Fun. have stormed into the music scene, winning a Grammy for ‘Best New Artist' and producing one of the most popular albums gaining them millions of fans around the world.

‘Some Nights' (Tour Edition) rampages with 10 exuberant pop tunes most listeners will be familiar with from the standard version of the album. Differentiating the exclusive tour edition from the standard 10-track album is the empowering acoustic renditions of Fun's three most popular singles, ‘We Are Young,' ‘Carry On'and ‘Why Am I The One.' Another addition to this album is an incredibly house music type adaptation of  ‘We Are Young,' remixed by Alvin Risk.

The exclusive acoustic version of  ‘We Are Young,' featuring the raw vocals of Nate Ruess and melodic vocals from Janelle Monae is set to a slower paced gentle drum rhythm and piano accompaniment than the original version, making this acoustic rendition a perfect relaxing listen.

Next comes an invigorating rendition of their passionate and uplifting third single ‘Carry On', with the same mid-tempo, heart-warming piano melody and faint vocals used in the original version to get the song underway. If the melody of this song doesn't sway the listener's ears, the lyrics certainly will, installing a sense of hope in anyone.

‘Why Am I The One' is the last of the acoustic singles on the album. With a slightly slower tempo in comparison to the original, emphasising the superb voice of Nate Ruess, which is backed by a soft guitar lick until a piano softly pounding out major chords replaces the smooth guitar rhythm carrying the song along nicely.

As for the adaptation of ‘We Are Young' remixed by Alvin Risk, transforming the number one pop anthem of the year into a techno / house music / dance tune, it surprisingly puts an interesting spin on the song instantly making listeners want to shuffle around the room to the biggest pop tune of 2012.

An ingenious play on modern pop with a thoughtful indie twist, Fun. have masterminded a release that is a crucial piece of evidence in proving how pop music is expanding.

Whether you are a fan of Fun. or not, its hard to dislike such catchy tunes and lyrics that are funny, sincere and oddly moving.

4 / 5