The Bronx - Bronx IV

By Clare McCabe

Released February 8th - Shock Records

If you like your punk rock heavy - this album is for you.

After releasing two successful mariachi albums (and touring) under the alter ego Mariachi El Bronx - LA-based The Bronx have gone back to their hardcore/punk roots on their latest album, their first in five years - and what a result.

Loving this album right now, straight from the first song "The Unholy Hand". "Ribcage" is the first single released off the new album - I am totally hearing a little Stiff Little Fingers right there, along with a touch ofBlack Flag. We're not here to entertain you," Matt sings in the first single, "We don't care about your rights." Indeed.

My particular fave though is "Torches", a fabulous slow and heavy anthem which I suspect will be a great sing-along tune on tour.

Speaking of, The Bronx are currently touring the UK and will be heading down to Australia (though not to NZ as far as I know) in April for a few shows.

Play this one loud. And then when it is finished (only 40 minutes after all), play it loud again. Well worth the five-year wait - thanks boys for another great album.

4 / 5